Referral to The Fatigue Clinic will usually be via your General Practitioner. Please feel free to print the information from this website and take it to your GP so that they will be familiar with the service we offer. To allow the most efficient use of your time at the Fatigue Clinic, please ask your GP to arrange the following tests for you and bring the results to your appointment:

Bone Profile
Coeliac Serology

Our staff are recognised as providers of private medical services by the major insurers, including BUPA, Axa-PPP and Standard Life. There are also self-paying options - contact Anne Hillman for further details at

We are also available for referrals via Occupational Health Services, or via Permanent Health Insurers (PHI) for those in receipt of income replacement benefit because of CFS/ME. If your Occupational Health team or PHI providers are unaware of our service, please feel free to contact them to see whether they will authorise a referral.

Paediatric CFS/ME

As adult-trained clinicians, we regret that we are unable to offer our treatment to children with CFS/ME.

Housebound patients with CFS/ME

Our service is predominantly office based, but we may be prepared to offer home-based assessments and treatments in the South East for an additional fee and travel expenses.

NHS referrals

We regret that under the current service model, there is no provision for NHS treatment of CFS/ME sufferers at our unit.


Referral should be made by a medical practitioner to Dr Coakley via Anne Hillman

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