The following resources may be helpful to those suffering from ME/CFS.

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Recommended Reading Lists

These books provide useful information about ME/CFS, and are useful to guide self-help strategies.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue
Mary Burgess and Trudie Chalder, 2005
Robinson, paperback
ISBN: 1841199427
This is a useful guide to the management of ME/CFS. It includes sections on how to improve sleep patterns, practical strategies for balancing activity and rest, dealing with blocks to recovery and offers advice for partners, relatives and friends.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME): The Facts
Frankie Campling and Michael Sharpe, 2005
Oxford University Press, paperback
ISBN: 0192630490
This book offers practical advice and a self-help guide based on scientific evidence. It is written jointly by a person with ME/CFS and a physician, both of whom have had extensive experience talking to, and helping patients. It deals with issues such as how to choose therapies and therapists.

Coping with Chronic Fatigue (Overcoming Common Problems)
Trudie Chalder, 1995
Sheldon Press, paperback
ISBN: 0859696855
This classic paperback has helpful and practical ways of coping with and breaking the cycle of fatigue. There are chapters on understanding fatigue, diet, drugs, improving sleeping patterns and how to plan exercise and resting routines.

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